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A member of the Demolition Industry Association WA, Savan Environmental is a locally-owned demolition company in Perth. We have a committed and skilled crew that works both north and south of the river. Our ability to guarantee that your demolition needs are handled skilfully, safely, and professionally makes us the top choice for residential and commercial demolition in the metropolitan area. All forms of demolitions and asbestos removal are things our team of experts is skilled at. Our stripping staff at Savan Environmental is certified in both the Safe Handling and Removal of Asbestos and Safe Method of Demolition. Savan Environmental has a team of professional asbestos removalists. We specialise in removing asbestos fences and demolishing entire residential buildings. From house demolition to light commercial demolition, our team of specialists handles them all. Additionally, we do internal strip-outs, battle-axe and rear site clearances, partial demolitions, swimming pool removal, and duplex separations. Our goal is to always make sure that your experience with demolition is hassle-free. Our knowledgeable demolition specialists will be in touch throughout the process starting from the time we obtain customer confirmation in accordance with council requirements. As a locally owned and run company, we take great satisfaction in offering experienced demolition services that are professional, safe, and client-focused.

Building demolition

Demolition Company in Perth has 32 years of expertise and is well-versed in all facets of demolition. Servicing every neighbourhood in the greater Perth area. As part of our green recycling programme, we take care of everything for you, including submitting a demolition application and obtaining a licence from the local council, disconnecting services from the site, clearing the site, and removing the rubble in an environmentally responsible manner.

Garden Clean-ups

Are you considering partitioning your property? In order to get your backyard site ready for the start of earthworks, a demolition company in Perth can clear it, examine it, and get it ready for council sub-division inspection. All backyard cleanouts are finished in accordance with municipal approvals, so you can be confident that using our services won’t necessitate any callbacks. Rubbish from the site is completely removed and recycled in an eco-friendly manner.

Business Strip-Outs

Need a business or office building gutted? The internal strip out and removal of furniture, cabinets, storage, and work places might be assisted by a demolition company in Perth. On commercial and industrial sites, we provide dismantling and structural demolition of walls made of concrete, brick, glass, and partitions. We also specialise in factory demolitions and safe asbestos roof removal in Perth. For many years, The Demolition Company in Perth and its amiable staff have been successfully and safely tearing down residential, commercial, and industrial buildings for clients in the Perth metropolitan area. Our technique ensures the safety and protection of neighbouring structures as well as the property as a whole because we own and run our own machinery. To meet statutory requirements and council approvals, we collaborate closely with clients and the council. Our primary services consist of:

  • Demolition of homes
  • Office remodels
  • Commercial Demolition and Strip-out
  • Cleaning up the backyard in preparation for subdivision
  • Factory deconstruction
  • Truck and machinery rentals 
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